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Gab’s Pet Food started as a lockdown hustle in the year 2020. Maya, a furry joy who belonged to a friend was not to be left alone as she was a puppy. The friend who was an essential worker needed help to take care of Maya, and that’s where I stepped in. It was a respite from quarantine blues, and playing and taking care of Maya was the highlight of my day. Sometime later, Maya continuously scratched herself and it turned out that she was allergic to gluten, dairy, beef and pork!

Most supermarket foods and treats that were easily available aggravated the problem. I started making food for Maya using my Thermomix (which was her favourite). I realised that a lot of pets go through these issues and the problem was a lot wider, so I decided to start Gab’s Pet Food. Now, our dearest pets will have the best diets!

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